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Ani [userpic]

billy liar

November 28th, 2005 (01:45 pm)
current song: pvc - i wish i could die


i was round at calum's the other day and it was really cool. we're so old now. things that happened were so long ago. the projector is fuckin cool btw.

spent friday night and saturday durin the day wi jennie and james. james is gettin so big and clever. he cried when he went to bed and he sounded so sad. we met kip and leah on saturday and went to that touch of asia cafe despite the fact that jennie is a rascist and hates non-whites. leah is so wee.

i keep thinkin about gettin a tattoo but i can never be bothered actually thinkin too hard about anything so it never works.

i prefer videogames.

thinking idly is good. daydreaming and then going to sleep and then waking up and just dreaming more is amazin.

the new batman cartoon is called "the batman" and it's the edge from U2 that does the theme tune. shiite. batman begins is amazin tho. v for vendetta should be amazin as well even though i've never read it. it was sposed to be out already but, it's uh, not.

got exams in a week or so. yas. amazin.

turns out that there's a series 5 of family guy which we watched but may not exist. weird.

anyway. i'm gonna go. this was a stupid update with no real content.


Posted by: teapot (wee_jen)
Posted at: November 28th, 2005 02:07 pm (UTC)

it wasn't a stupid update, i love you.
season 5? huh?
i miss you so much. i wonder how everything would look if i missed out all the vowels.
you're right, thinking IS too hard. i'm listenin to qotsa instead.
me love you long time,

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